#GMSsummit Paula Mosher Wallace Bloom In the Dark interview about bringing hope to broken women.

Paula Mosher Wallace from Bloom In the Dark, Inc. – 501c3 Charity interview about bringing hope to broken women. True Stories of Hope Blooming despite Personal Darkness. A place for people to connect with others looking for hope and encouragement in their darkness.   Tell It Like It Is TV with J Loren Norris ON […]



DISHONOR DISQUALIFIES YOU FROM YOUR DESTINY! What you DECIDE to say, feel, believe about others will directly affect your future. A failure to show respect (with words) and honor (with action) will lead to a dismal future. Prisons are filled with those who dishonored their parents, their authorities, their fellow mankind and their own bodies. […]

Attitude of Intimacy

This original video series is part of the Attitudes of Excellent Life Leadership created and presented for personal and team leadership development by Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker J Loren Norris. These videos were first presented for TellItLikeItIs.TV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIlHaSZwye8 (0)

Serving a benevolent King

WE SERVE A BENEVOLENT KING NOT A GRUMPY DICTATOR. We do not serve a grumpy, rude, selfish and arrogant dictator. We serve a gracious, compassionate, benevolent KING. He fights on our behalf. He provides for us. He watches over us. He protects us. He died for us. When we are not grateful, we are not […]