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J Loren Norris is a Conference Speaker, TV Host, Author and world class storyteller passionately transforming stories and transforming lives. With a focus driven by the desire to unleash the potential in others, Loren’s leadership training is presented in simple to understand stories, based on proven principles and applies practical action for immediate results.

Before launching his career in television, Loren served in the US Air Force as a Fire Fighter, worked for more than 20 years in advertising sales, corporate marketing communications, field marketing and media barter for companies such as Winning Strategies, Verizon, Jobs.com and Faith & Family Magazine. Loren has been an entrepreneur most of his life.

#GMSsummit Paula Mosher Wallace Bloom In the Dark interview about bringing hope to broken women.

Paula Mosher Wallace from Bloom In the Dark, Inc. – 501c3 Charity interview about bringing hope to broken women. True Stories of Hope Blooming despite Personal Darkness. A place for people to connect with others looking for hope and encouragement in their darkness.   Tell It Like It Is TV with J Loren Norris ON […]

Professor Carol Swain of Vanderbilt University interview with J Loren Norris

The impact of media and government colluding together should not be underestimated. #GMSsummit with Dr Carol Swain. You will appreciate this interview immensely. The power and influence wielded by them are tremendous. Checks and balances are crucial to the survival of civil society. Listen to Professor Carol Swain of Vanderbilt University point out some significant […]


DISHONOR DISQUALIFIES YOU FROM YOUR DESTINY! What you DECIDE to say, feel, believe about others will directly affect your future. A failure to show respect (with words) and honor (with action) will lead to a dismal future. Prisons are filled with those who dishonored their parents, their authorities, their fellow mankind and their own bodies. […]


The five markets you must communicate with inside your tightest niche market (2)

Don’t fall for the popularity, famous, following trap

What will happen when the masses stop following, loving, hiring and booking you? Where will you get your value and validity WHEN (not if) they lose interest? What happens when one slip of the tongue alienates everyone? (0)

Is it life? When is it life?

Corporeal – Flesh – Carnal – Fruitless. It may look like life but cannot give it not sustain it. (0)

What is your leadership albatross?

The albatross of leadership exists when your burden and pursuit for profit or prominence out weighs your concern for humans and their quality of life. (3)

Create your own FAD and success won’t be a passing fad.

Create your own FAD and success won’t be a passing fad. (0)

Transforming Grace TV – As seen on KHFD-TV 51.4 Dallas, Tx

Leading Leaders: Waging War for Families. Participate from anywhere in the world on $15. Attend the live event FREE. “Waging War is less about what we are fighting against and more about what we are fighting for: Families who are FREE to impact.” Before he was the “Austin Strangler” – he was a local worship […]


WISDOM FROM AN OLD BOOK. Do you communicate clearly? Is your mentor concerned with your heart or a financial transaction? Do you seek to understand or to be understood? (5)