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Posted by Meet The Messenger TV on Thursday, November 3, 2016

J Loren Norris interview with Nelson Schuman

“I genuinely care about people being set free from every sort of physical, emotional and spiritual affliction so they can truly enjoy their lives in complete freedom.
Restored to Freedom, Inc,  is a family-owned and operated not-for-profit company located in central Indiana. All donations are tax deductible. I always attempt to exhibit the heart, compassion and love of Christ to everyone.  There is never any judgementalism, condemnation or harshness – only a desire to lead you to total freedom in your lives as I have experienced.
I have endured some extreme trials and tribulations in my life that I have overcome only through Christ so am now able to help others to become set free from all enemy oppression.  I truly know what it feels like to have a broken heart and be wounded and then to be healed and used powerfully by God.  Loving a person like Christ loves the church is possible but only if you can see others as God sees them.”
Nelson Schuman
Restored To Freedom Book
Changes the lives and marriages of people from pain, hopelessness and brokenness to love, joy and peace.  It is the first book that provides revelation of what happens when we grow up with fathers and/or mothers that cause emotional pain and how it affects a child later in adulthood which then hurts their relationships, marriages and children. After reading this book many have observed immediate results of changes in one’s personality from control, manipulation and deceit to honesty, humbleness and tenderness.



J Loren Norris is a Conference Speaker, TV Host, Author and world class storyteller passionately transforming stories and transforming lives. With a focus driven by the desire to unleash the potential in others, Loren’s leadership training is presented in simple to understand stories, based on proven principles and applies practical action for immediate results.

Before launching his career in television, Loren served in the US Air Force as a Fire Fighter, worked for more than 20 years in advertising sales, corporate marketing communications, field marketing and media barter for companies such as Winning Strategies, Verizon, Jobs.com and Faith & Family Magazine. Loren has been an entrepreneur most of his life.