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STEP ONE: Become aware of and identify the attitudes that are dominant or most common in your daily life by making a list of phrases and responses that are obvious and exposed in different environments, relationships and specific situations. STEP TWO: Become aware of and keep a running list of attitudes that you see in […]
Watch as she tells the story behind her book, what life was like being married to a porn addict and answers the question of the BIG WHY!!?? Karin’s first ever radio interview. She did really well. I am very proud. She has come a long way. Karin’s interview starts about 5 minutes in. Get her […]
For more than two decades I was under the monstrous addiction to sexuality and pornography. I wanted to be free and fought the struggle of guilt and shame, blame and anger over and over. It nearly destroyed my marriage. At one point, likely more than one, I told my wife to leave convinced she deserved […]
The Men of Honor & Ladies of Honor Strategy combines powerful weekend camps and weekly one-hour discipleship meetings, using our character-specific Men of Honor (TM) or Ladies of Honor (TM) Curriculum, as well as the Ed Cole Majoring in Men (TM) curriculum. The program focuses on: Chivalry Honor Rites of Passage The Father’s Blessing Courageous […]
Hear our story about sexual addiction and the impact it had on the first decade of our marriage. We also talk about the importance, impact and influence of sharing the story of your life in hopes of saving someone else’s. Karin Norris and Loren “Learn To ROAR Communication” How my wife’s bashful boldness saved our […]
Attitude of Excellence Commencement Speech J Loren Norris delivers Attitude of Excellence for Everest College Graduation commencement speech at the Metro Center in Arlington Texas. The Attitude of Excellence demands discipline, diligence, determination and dignity. This message is motivational, inspirational and challenging.       Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash (0)
DO YOU STUMBLE OVER SMALL MISTAKES? It’s easy to overlook our own mistakes. It’s easier still to spot the smallest mistakes of others. If you find yourself hyper sensitive and defensive about mistakes pointed out, but simultaneously hyper critical of others small mistakes, it might point to a deeper issue. Tell It Like It Is […]
What attitude has the ability to derail your success, damage your reputation and defeat your dreams? Entitlement! When your team members are thoroughly convinced the world revolves around them, they will NOT focus on your clients, your organization, their assignments or any outcomes which are not their own personal goals. They WILL demand their rights, […]
Are you an “untouchable”? Charlie Rose, Al Franken, Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein and how many more? Addiction is addiction. Whether it’s chemical, emotional, or sexual. When you are an addict, you are a slave and your leadership, your influence, your family are all at risk!! Look at all these people who felt like their choices […]