Queen Esther stopped by the other day. We had a while to visit and discuss a unique ministry and expression of love. Sandra Wakefield portrays several women of the Bible for dramatic interpretations of the Word of God. (10)
Behind the scenes recording with Sharon Hill and Meet The Messenger as she teaches us the Power of Three, the value of a Prayer Shield and how to use a guided prayer journal. You can learn more about Sharon at www.oncallprayer.com. About Sharon Hill Founder, OnCall Prayer™ Author of the OnCall Prayer Journal© President, Fellowship of […]
10 KEY AREAS OF LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT #7 Am I taking time to think? Watch the video learn 5 steps every leader must apply to THINKING!! FULL LENGTH VIDEO Click “subscribe” on the page to have these videos delivered to your inbox. (10)
Behind the scenes with Coy L. Poitier for Meet The Messenger. Coy tells us about growing up with a dream of a life in law enforcement and how his time BEHIND BARS changed that destiny and instead accidentally became an Award Winning Filmmaker for “Cowboys of Color.” He also tells us about his ambition to […]
For more than two decades I was under the monstrous addiction to sexuality and pornography. I wanted to be free and fought the struggle of guilt and shame, blame and anger over and over. It nearly destroyed my marriage. At one point, likely more than one, I told my wife to leave!! I was convinced […]
Don’t let selfishness and pride cause you to follow people who are going the wrong way. The kingdom has a purpose for you. Discover what you are made for and be about the business of living out your purpose. MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL (2)