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Transforming Grace TV – As seen on KHFD-TV 51.4 Dallas, Tx


Leading Leaders: Waging War for Families.

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“Waging War is less about what we are fighting against and more about what we are fighting for: Families who are FREE to impact.”

Before he was the “Austin Strangler” – he was a local worship pastor…

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The family is under attack! But I don’t need to tell you that. You already know. Many men of the church worldwide are spiritually powerless to defend their families and not prepared to lead them in this radically shifting culture. Sexual sin is destroying them. Need more proof??? Click Here to see what our KIDS are exposed to.

Our story of Transforming Grace.
Wounded. Broken. Scarred. Abandoned. Hurt. Ignored. Alone. Abused. Neglected. Unloved. Unlovable. Afraid.
These are all emotions that MY ADDICTION evoked in my bride. It took 10 years for the love of my life, to know that she was, THE LOVE OF MY LIFE.
If anyone ever treated my wife that way I would…. but I realized that “anyone” was me…
If your journey has been like ours and you are ready to stop fighting, start living, start loving and find lasting change, please join us for tips, solutions and salves to begin the healing process for you and your spouse.

As seen on KHFD-TV 51.4 Dallas, Tx



J Loren Norris is a Conference Speaker, TV Host, Author and world class storyteller passionately transforming stories and transforming lives. With a focus driven by the desire to unleash the potential in others, Loren’s leadership training is presented in simple to understand stories, based on proven principles and applies practical action for immediate results.

Before launching his career in television, Loren served in the US Air Force as a Fire Fighter, worked for more than 20 years in advertising sales, corporate marketing communications, field marketing and media barter for companies such as Winning Strategies, Verizon, Jobs.com and Faith & Family Magazine. Loren has been an entrepreneur most of his life.